Where you want to arrive to?


Who is the course directed to?

This course is not directed to everybody. Is directed to all the people who really feel a need to grow, to be better, to change, and to act in a lucid and very particular way in their lives. Before you enroll you should check if you feel comfortable with at least half of this requirements:

  1. You feel not satisfied with you actual personal situation.
  2. you don’t enjoy you life.
  3. You feel the need to remake yourself and to know“Which is my limit?”
  4. You’d like to travel, to change things in your live, to be more sociable, but you don’t dare because you feel scared.
  5. You are decided to search and find what you really need.
  6. You feel exited for knowing more about tourself, your limitations and how to overcome them.
  7. You want to give a new meaning to your personal life.
  8. You want to be able to perform in each of your roles ; partner, leader, worker, friend, human being, family member, etc.
  9. You want to follow with your education and enlarging your tools to be a better person and grow.

What does the course do?

In the actual world, continuously changing and more and more competitive, people perform a role, which has been given to us since the moment we are born, what other people expects from us, the tag our families or environment imposed us or even the ones we adopt as a part of our culture. We act daily in the stage of our lives. To be able to advance in every territory, every role, we need to have new tools for life to act in a more effective way and achieve our goals and personal and vital objectives giving our lives a true sense. Is important to transform ourselves so it would have repercussions inside our family, our society and we would grow.

The agenda includes:

  1. ¿Where are you?
  2. Get to know you personally.
  3. Learn about youy personal goals.
  4. Your economical and work roles.
  5. Clarify your personal purposes.
  6. Develop you professional brand.
  7. Managing complex people. The world of emotions
  8. Conflict mangement.
  9. Taking decisions.
  10. Efective working meetings.

What woud you get?




The course uses teleological coaching so each person could find adequate options to their situation. During the course we realice experiential exercizes and dynamics.