What do I do?

“I am a Coach, and I work on human development… this is what I do following my passion for humans”

In our lives, each one of us do what he thinks is the best, or only what he thinks he can do; with our decisions we are responsible of our own actions, due to the fact that we decide each and every option we take in each situation in our lives. As we are the ones decide, we have to assume all the consequences of our decisions, positives or negatives. We can say that we live the life we decide to live.

¿How could we live?

What is real is making mine the sentence “where there’s a will, there’s a way” and after having met a lot of people who succeed having their own happiness, and living it passionetely, I understood that most of the times each one of us know which kind of life wants to have, the kind of life that would make them free and happy; I also understood that the people who think that they don’t know are people whose decisions have moved them away from their ideal life, ergo their cultural , family or educational ideas that they have constructed based in their own experience have pulled them apart from their own way.

¿How we can arrive there?

Not only through coaching. Also through education we can learn how to improve our relation with ourselves and the other people, a way of doing things that would make our living easier and would allow us to grow personally.


Coaching is a process to change a person. As a coach I will walk with you through this process


The seminars, oriented to personal growing are focused to recover the balance in all the vital aspects

Geographical mobility consulting

For professionals or students ongoing geographical mobility processes