Financial Intelligence

How to get effective results?

Who is the course directed to?

This course is not directed to everybody. Is directed to all the people who really feel a need to get a better situation through financial intelligence; people who decide they want to act more seriously in the actual world.

Before you enroll you should check if you feel comfortable with at least half of this requirements:

  1. You feel not satisfied with your actual financial situation.
  2. You don’t have enough earnings.
  3. You feel stagnant in your actual earnings.
  4. You would like to find new horizons but you don’t anything due to the fear.
  5. You are decided to search and find what you really like to do, that can be retributed and also would make you hapy.
  6. You are interested in learning much more about you, your beliefs, your fears and how to overcome.
  7. You want to give a new meaning to you life.
  8. You want to be able to perform in each of your roles ; partner, leader, worker, friend, human, family member, etc.
  9. You want to follow with your education and enlarging your tools to be a better person and grow.

What does the course do?

We all have a preconceived idea about money, the way we earn and spend it, what does it mean to have or not to have it. This ideas about money came from our families, but also from our education and how we have been realted to the money.

These ideas, this way we are related to money, makes difficult to us to find new ways to earn much money or conditions our spending behaviour, making us much spender or saver.

From our way to earn and spend money and our learned limit, we create our actual financial situation. In this course you would be able to understand which are your learned limits, how they work and what you shall do to overcome; you will also learn to get better related to money and increase you financial intelligence.

The agenda includes:

  1. Money eras.
  2. Your actual situation.
  3. Money and you.
  4. Your financial and working heritage.
  5. Your experiences.
  6. Networking
  7. Personal leadership.
  8. Professional development options.
  9. Money and emotions
  10. Your life in the financial and working world.

What would you get? 

You will find answers to all your questions about money and how to earn it to be financially independent and solvent.

You will find effective and personal solutions to your financial problems. 

The course uses teleological coaching so each person could find adequate options to their situation. During the course we realice experiential exercizes and dynamics.