Professional Coaching


“The client is the main character in his own change”



We spent much more time in our jobs that the time we spent with our families; for many people, their jobs are the way they make their living, but also a way to express, grow and a place we have part of social living. This is why it is one of the most important places in our lifes. In this environment we have also needs that sometimes are difficult to manage due to the importance we give to our jobs.

As it happens in a vital process, in the professional coaching, the coach also walks with the coachee through the changes that the person needs in his professional life. My task is to give my coachee the tools he needs to understand what happens in his job so he can be able to get himself the change he needs.

The processes where professional coaching can help are:

-Job changes.

-Responsability changes or promotions.

-Team managing.

The success in this process behaves a total predisposition of the client to be the main character of his changes.