Life Coaching

“Succeed through your own answers”


A life coaching process is a changing process to a person. This change emerges from a necessity of the client himself, who is aware because his life situation in this moment, maybe personal or professional, is not valid anymore.

During the way we clarify the obstacles we have to beat. In the process my task is to go along with him and be the trigger for the change that the person wants or needs, helping the client to find a bunch of tools that he can use to write his own roadmap to his change.

The method is based in:

  1. Clarify his thoughts.
  2. Distinguish and control emotions.
  3. Learn to route his own feelings through the most adequate way to take the best possible decisions.

We take action, at the same time that we change paradigms and beliefs that are making him act and being the way he does, and are not working for him in this moment.

Is the client who identifies objectives and the results he want to have. That’s the reason that after the process all the merit is for the coachee.