Geographical mobility consulting

Who is the service directed to?

We apply coaching methodology to a difficult moment in the life  of a person; the moment of changing residence, that could affect to professionals or staff and also to students.

Basically is going with the customer through practical aspects of his mobility process, as residence, legal and personal procedures, but much more important it is going with him in the emotional process.

How is the service? 

Geographical mobility for working reasons or a travel to study abroad can be a enriching experience for a person, but it it also a change process on culture, habits and especially personal environment that can be also traumatic for some people.

Un traslado de trabajo o viajar para estudiar es una experiencia muy placentera y enriquecedora para una persona, pero supone un

What would you get?

  • An easy landing for the legal and practical procedures.
  • Learning of tools useful to relax the stressing moment of changing the personal and professional environment.
  • Backing and accompaniment to get more easier adapted to a new culture.