Company Responsibility


Who is the course directed to?

This course is not directed to everybody. Is directed to all the people who really feel a need to grow, to be better, to change, and to act more seriously in the working environment.

Before you enroll you should check if you feel comfortable with at least half of this requirements:

  1. You feel not satisfied with your actual working situation.
  2. You don’t have enough earnings.
  3. You’ve been much time in your actual position without getting promoted.
  4. You need to remake yourself and learn what more you can do to develop yourself.
  5. You would like to find new horizons but you don’t do anything due to the fear.
  6. You are decided to search and find what you really need.
  7. You feel exited for knowing more about tourself, your limitations and how to overcome them.
  8. You want to give a new meaning to your working life.
  9. You want to be able to perform in each of your roles ; partner, leader, worker, friend, human, family member, etc.
  10. You want to follow with your education and enlarging your tools to be a better person and grow.

What does the course do?

In the actual world, continuously changing and more and more competitive, people in their role of company executives, directors, or managing a team need to have new tools to act in a more effective way and achieve not only a better salary, also personal and professional goals.

Is important, this times we are living, to enhance the role of each person inside our organizations and let them grow in their responsibilities and their leadership capacities.

The agenda includes:

  1. Where are you?
  2. Get to know you professionally.
  3. Learn about youy working goals.
  4. Your economical and work roles.
  5. Clarify your working purposes.
  6. Time managing.
  7. Assertiveness ¿How to say that you disagree?
  8. Conflict mangement. Managing complex people
  9. Taking decisions.
  10. Being yourself.

What woud you get?



Working and family life

Effective working meetings

The course uses teleological coaching so each person could find adequate options to their situation. During the course we realice experiential exercizes and dynamics.